Omaha, Nebraska

The commercial in which the commentator is screaming about the brown sugar bacon is the most irritating commercial I have ever seen. Please remove it from your advertising campaign.

I have loved Arby's for over 30 years but right now the commercial is the reason I will not order from there. I have also tasted the brown sugar bacon and it is much too sweet. There is too much brown sugar on it.

Anyway, please contact me about this commercial. I would love to order from Arby's again, but I will only if you communicate to me that you have removed the commercial from your advertising.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Arbys Pros: Roast beef.

Arbys Cons: Commercial.

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Agree -- haven't been in an Arby's store because of their commercials in quite a while now --


I will NEVER eat at Arbys again because of their annoying ads, mostly the one that ends with insulting comment at the " for sandwiches" NO SHIT!!!!


I don't think there's any need to write insulting comments about the guy doing the voice over. I absolutely agree that the commercial is highly annoying and also causes me to quietly boycott Arby's even though I rarely went there before.

There is something about our culture that makes people believe that we (average listener/viewer) wants/enjoys being yelled at, ala Judge Judy and this commercial. That voice over may work for some products (military maybe, pesticide company (I really want those roaches DEAD)), but as a restaurant-no (I am not going to choose your product because you scared me into it)!


The annoying voice over by Ving Rhames is the reason I will never EVER buy anything from Arby's. I am also urging my friends to stop getting food from Arby''s insulting to our intelligence


End these annoying stupid ads already. I have enough of this crap.

Never eating there again unless you get rid of this loud mouth. He sucks!


Monkey-Man has the most annoying voice. I plan to boycott Arby's as long as they run these horrible commercials. Monkey-Man would be more sorted to doing commercials for Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles!


I'm not even a vegetarian but their new commercials make me wish I was. They are obnoxious and disgusting


THANK YOU. Every time the commercial comes on I have to mute it quickly or change the channel quickly.

I hate that ***. The voice gets louder almost at a yell. The idiots in marketing think that the increasing volume and force will attract your attention.

It does that, it makes me hate Arby's and turn the channel. I won't go to Arby's again out of principle.



I THOUGHT I was crazy.

I have to change channel, or mute immediately.

Arby's, you may have the meats, but I would re evaluate your ad agency... Someone steered you wrong.


this cant be *** real...?


As a vegan and animal rights advocate I'm incensed by Arby's loud, agressive and moronic meat commercials. I will NEVER support anything Ving Rhames is a part of


I love Arby's food, but their commercials are obnoxious. Not funny. I mute the TV every time I hear them.


Oh please. Go back to your old granny religious channel.

Remember to give Joel Oldsteen your hard earned money that you earned from ARBY'S. :)

"Have a blessed day"


Every Arby's commercial with that loud mouth yelling is horrible. I will not eat Arby's again until they stop with this horrible advertising. I don't need someone in my tv yelling at me about how much meat he has.


The one about eating children is pitiful--I will never eat there again!!!!


All the Arby's commercials are obnoxious and the painfully un-funny.


Wow! This complaint and all the loony supporting comments (which I suspect came from the original poster) made me laugh.

Literally. There are truly some real weirdos out there.


I will eat Arby's when animals eat humans. That commercial is tasteless regardless of who describes the *** ingredients.

The image is gross as well. Yes I'm a vegan and animal right activist.


What world do you live in where humans are never eaten by animals?


Congrats, you are now among the 'looneys' who take advantage of this little Internet thing, to voice opinions, and enjoy knowing that are not alone even if it's a little thing, like letting arby's know, they have the meats, and a tasteless,poorly done, neaseating, campaign. Wake up, and be amazed that there was a time, when this whole thing didn't even exist.

Enjoy free speech, looney or not, it's a beautiful thing. Check your meds.

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