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The commercial in which the commentator is screaming about the brown sugar bacon is the most irritating commercial I have ever seen. Please remove it from your advertising campaign.

I have loved Arby's for over 30 years but right now the commercial is the reason I will not order from there. I have also tasted the brown sugar bacon and it is much too sweet. There is too much brown sugar on it.

Anyway, please contact me about this commercial. I would love to order from Arby's again, but I will only if you communicate to me that you have removed the commercial from your advertising.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

I liked: Roast beef.

I didn't like: Commercial.

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The annoying voice over by Ving Rhames is the reason I will never EVER buy anything from Arby's. I am also urging my friends to stop getting food from Arby's..it's insulting to our intelligence


End these annoying stupid ads already. I have enough of this crap.

Never eating there again unless you get rid of this loud mouth. He sucks!

Ocean City, Maryland, United States #1349913

Monkey-Man has the most annoying voice. I plan to boycott Arby's as long as they run these horrible commercials. Monkey-Man would be more sorted to doing commercials for Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles!

Rancagua, Vi Región, Chile #1327863

I'm not even a vegetarian but their new commercials make me wish I was. They are obnoxious and disgusting


THANK YOU. Every time the commercial comes on I have to mute it quickly or change the channel quickly.

I hate that ***. The voice gets louder almost at a yell. The idiots in marketing think that the increasing volume and force will attract your attention.

It does that, it makes me hate Arby's and turn the channel. I won't go to Arby's again out of principle.

New Bedford, Massachusetts, United States #1288867


I THOUGHT I was crazy.

I have to change channel, or mute immediately.

Arby's, you may have the meats, but I would re evaluate your ad agency... Someone steered you wrong.

Bainbridge Island, Washington, United States #1272379

this cant be phucking real...?


As a vegan and animal rights advocate I'm incensed by Arby's loud, agressive and moronic meat commercials. I will NEVER support anything Ving Rhames is a part of

Watertown, South Dakota, United States #1230693

I love Arby's food, but their commercials are obnoxious. Not funny. I mute the TV every time I hear them.


Oh please. Go back to your old granny religious channel.

Remember to give Joel Oldsteen your hard earned money that you earned from ARBY'S. :)

"Have a blessed day"

Las Cruces, New Mexico, United States #1187673

Every Arby's commercial with that loud mouth yelling is horrible. I will not eat Arby's again until they stop with this horrible advertising. I don't need someone in my tv yelling at me about how much meat he has.


The one about eating children is pitiful--I will never eat there again!!!!


All the Arby's commercials are obnoxious and the painfully un-funny.


Wow! This complaint and all the loony supporting comments (which I suspect came from the original poster) made me laugh.

Literally. There are truly some real weirdos out there.

to Anonymous #1271879

I will eat Arby's when animals eat humans. That commercial is tasteless regardless of who describes the crappy ingredients.

The image is gross as well. Yes I'm a vegan and animal right activist.

to Anonymous #1499274

What world do you live in where humans are never eaten by animals?

to Anonymous New Bedford, Massachusetts, United States #1288873

Congrats, you are now among the 'looneys' who take advantage of this little Internet thing, to voice opinions, and enjoy knowing that are not alone even if it's a little thing, like letting arby's know, they have the meats, and a tasteless,poorly done, neaseating, campaign. Wake up, and be amazed that there was a time, when this whole thing didn't even exist.

Enjoy free speech, looney or not, it's a beautiful thing. Check your meds.

to Anonymous Melbourne, Florida, United States #1309576

The commercials are funny

Different and it works

Arby's has changed and I have gone there for the first time in years

Good job. Success we are talking Arby's


Agreed! Worst commercial ever, Arby's is terrible!


I hate the commercials; will go back when they end only!

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