Champaign, Illinois

I have read online that Arby's is suppose to to drug testing. They do not and really need too.

They wonder why accidents happen like the "finger incident". I understand some arby's are run seperately but shouldn't they all do the same. It's important to know the people behind the counter who make my food arent drug addicts. I have heard and seen employees at certain arby's seem drunk and as they say "high".

I would think drug testing would be important to a company like Arby's.

Drugs and fast food employee's do no mix.

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The high turnover of the industry means that it isn't worth it.


You realize fast food employees are like 90% drug users, right? Now most of those are harmless pot smokers, but theres atleast one in every store that is into the hard stuff.

Goes for restaraunts, too. Drugs most definitely do mix with fast food you ignorant ***.


Yes they should!


I to no of a manager that's does coke at work he's high and he's the manager! I guess anyone can be a manager!so sad


They do random d-test now usbeef corp. bought out the Bailey company in late 2013 Coloradoan's should protest this company an other's like it you can't even take a few hits on your day off without being fired for it STAY OUT of people's personal lives it bad enuf that you go to work and put up with BS from the company, GM's, low pay,now this the pot smoker's on my crew are responsible individual's that keep there *** and high at the house they come to work and BUST ***!!!!...


They only drug test managers and I have first hand knowledge that the crew at canton south smokes more *** the Chechnya and chong! Not kidding in respect to this either.


I worked at an Arbys in the late 90s and they didn't do drug testing. I do have to admit there were some kind of strange acting people working there-----a few immigrants that couldn't speak understandable English, but they were kept in the back making sandwiches, after they had been trained.

They could read English because the orders always went up on a board as they were entered on the register. Then there were a few employees that spoke kind of rap like and some that just plain used poor grammar, but none that appeared drunk or high.

I was in my late 50s at the time and could tell the difference between drunk/high, or poor English. I had also been a teacher at one time.

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