Cincinnati, Ohio
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I found someones nasty bloody band aid in my cheddar melt! I took the sandy back in and the girl at the counter said "eww thats Quincys" and then everyone dissapeared into the back, the manager came back up front and said nobody has cuts and everyones wearing gloves.

and I said well why did she tell me it was "quincys" and she said . i didnt say anything, well then how would i know the persons name who made the food? Then they called the cops on me for telling another customer what happened. 3 cops came and after i explained what happened they went in with me and made them give me the band aid back so i can report them to the health dept.

Then the manager tried telling the cops she thinks i just wanted my money back...?? But I gave her the whole bag of food back, minus one bandaid sandy! What a b****!

the point of this is dont eat arbys, they are nasty and now i may have some horrible disease like hep a or b or HIV i am scared to death.

the Quincy character was nasty and dirty and the whites of his eyes were all red, he looked stoned.

and i had his bloody, crusty used up band aid in my mouth, the *** thing was the same color as the beef.

Product or Service Mentioned: Arbys Manager.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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Sandy is short for "sandwich" *** as in arby's bloody band aid melt sandwich. Notice how you were the ONLY person who asked that, because you're the only one too *** to not understand.

Why would someone post this up here if it was a lie that's what the website is for.

IF they wanted to lie don't you think they could come up with something a little bit more crazy, inventive, original or sickening? You're such a ***.


Yenmor, clearly the person who had the band aid in their mouth would have their DNA on the band aid. The police don't go around running expensive DNA testing on things like this, so you need to figure out what's going on in the world and try to keep up.


The cops or attorney's can do DNA and they or you will be in trouble.


yuck if this is for real you should have called the cops right away. That restaurant should be shut down. You didn't saw what city this happened in or even the street, that would have been helpful

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