Colby, Kansas
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Ordered a Beef and Chedder with no red ranch sauce and a side of Cheese sauce. They missed the cheese sauce so my wife went in to ask for some.

The Manager jerked the bag out of her hand and pulled the side out, said there's your cheese. My wife repeated the order when the mgr called her a lier. My wife came out crying, I went in and the mgr refused to let me speak at all. She immediately chewed me out, refused to give me any contact numbers.

Slammed the refund on the counter and told me to get out of her store. I asked what I did to deserve such treatment she threatened to call the police. One of the cooks said get out of our store you fat *** as I started to walk away. When I asked what that was about she repeated her threat.

Other customers in line were shocked as well. There is no reason why either of these people should have a job anywhere. I have never been treated in that way especially over something as simple as 25 cents worth of cheese sauce. The woman identified herself as Missy and said she was GM, but she had no name tag and refused to give me anything but the website.

The receipt did not have the store number. It did not have the usual survey information so I ended up calling a Kansas City Arby's to get the full information. Those folks were wonderful, this lady was out of control. I was not impolite, Inever raised my voice, never used any profanity in fact all I said was "my wife just came in" and that was all I was allowed to say.

We were regular Arby's customers but due to the fact that is the closest Arby's as long as she is employed at Arby's we will not return. Oh, I also managed an Arby's in the early 90's so I understand what it is like to manage one, I never would have done such a thing and if any employee called a customer a fat ***, he would have been fired that second.

Product or Service Mentioned: Arbys Manager.

Monetary Loss: $6.

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Oddly enough the kid looked a lot like the lead singer for the band All American Rejects. Which is oddly fitting considering his attitude.


i also worked there and she can be so rude to customers and employees. she yelled at an employee for being too slow in front of customers. very unprofessional.


I used to work at that Arby's, and I agree that Missy Siruta should not have a job there, or anywhere for that matter! As far as the person that yelled from the back, what did they look like? :(

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