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This past Friday Arby's #5 meal cost me $1,000 in medical bills and lost wages. Ate the food here and got violently ill 2 hours later.

Talked with Cooperate and their insurance company denied claim. Repeated message over and over was "you can't prove it." What I can prove is Arby's washed it's hands of this incident but just know their employees appear not to wash their hands. Eat meal and violently ill 2 hours later. .

.(no one else in the family did!) do the frickin math Arby's! Me and my dog got sick and since it was a bacterial infection a doctor's visit was necessary and I, who ended up eating most of it, ended up on a 2 hour IV treatment.

Save yourself and eat anywhere but here! I'm also telling everyone I know to help them avoid this ***, and will be boycotting Arby's due to their response forever.

Product or Service Mentioned: Arbys Customer Care.

Reason of review: Food Poisoning.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Arbys Cons: Near death experience.

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Hmm.....PC Troll hard at work....with a new screen name.


Yes fecal bacteria is passed through bad hygiene and improper cleanliness standards.I believe you are right. I wil never eat there now, thanks for the review and warning us.


Actually, you really can't prove it was caused by Arby's food. You should carefully examine what and where you ate for the 48 or so hours prior to becoming sick.


Ok DR OZ. Guess I ate dogfood cause dog got sick too after eating it.Do you work for Arbys corporate office???


If you sought medical attention, what was documented as the cause of your sickness? What insurance companies are looking for, when someone claims food poisoning, is medical documentation that proves it was the restaurant's fault.

I once swore up and down a pizzeria had caused me to become horribly sick. Once in the ER, test results proved it was stomach flu.


Ya guess me and my dog got stomach flu at same time.Tests came back positive for food poisioning.Thanks for the comment though.Didnt we get madcow disease from Canada??


Ya guess me and my dog showered at same time.Tests came back negative for STDs.Thanks for the comment though.

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