Virginia Beach, Virginia
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Heck, I know it's cheap, five roast beef sandwiches for five bucks! But you get what you pay for, and the roast beef looks phony and tastes like pressed sawdust.

I go to a real roast beef barbeque restaurant and pay $8.00 for a decent meal with real good barbeque. It's worth it to pay three times as much as to eat this cheap filler food. I know, slop the hogs, just like hogs at the trough, eating Arby's or even Taco Bell, although, it fills an empty stomach on a budget.

But I seldom go back to Arby's, the only thing I really like there is their Jamocha milk shakes. I much prefer Taco Bell's food to Arby's'.

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I wish it tasted like "saw dust". This *** is disgusting.

Even the cheddar cheese taste fake. I haven't eatin there since like 2005(I had a coupon).

Arby's = Yuck Yuck Yuck!

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