Baltimore, Maryland

I have always loved Arbys. I have loved their roast beef sandwhiches for decades, ever since I was a child.

I loved their new slogan, "It's Good Mood Food." However, I had an experience at the Columbia Mall location in Columbia MD. I stepped up to the counter and was greeted by an obvious hispanic looking man without a name tag. He was very tall with a moustache. He said, "Order?" I said "Excuse me?" Again he said, "Order?" I told him I wanted 2 large roast beef sandwiches with cheese, fries, Arby sauce and a large sprite.

He then said, "Total 7.40" I paid him, received a receipt and waited for my food. About five minutes later he came back with a bag and said, "Food." I took my bag and sat down. The order was completely wrong. No fries, and what looked like some kind of club sandwich.

I went back and told him it was wrong. He said, "Is good, is good" I said, "Its not good here is my receipt." My receipt clearly showed what had been ordered, I guess he cant read. I asked for the manager and he said, "Manager?" I said "Yes right now." A woman stepped up who was obviously hispanic walked up and she barely spoke english. She said, "I fix it." Five minutes later, she came back and the order WAS WRONG AGAIN!

We went through this two more times and was still wrong. I had to say, "Yo es policia y immigration!" They became very nervous and told them I want my order right now or I will get them deported. They nervously got my order right and gave me my money back. I was in a very bad mood from then on.

Hey Arby's, why don't you stroll down to Columbia Mall and check your employees working status and I bet they are all illegal. I have started a group on facebook called, "Boycott Beaner Arby's"

Product or Service Mentioned: Arbys Sandwich.

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Racist much?


Just think about this guys... An actual person with some slight semblance of an actual human being...

Sat down and consciously thought this out and typed it in a forum knowingly to be displayed publicly. Amazing, absolutely amazing. Sir I'm not sure what exact brand of computer cleaner you're currently insufflating but it's definitely taking a huge toll on whatever mental capabilities you once possessed.

Perhaps we should all start a Facebook group called boycott internet privileges for racist lunatics at fast food establishments.

Xoxo Nikki


You are just extremely rude. Threatening them?

They did their best they could, with what little they could say and understand. It's best if you don't go back, not so you don't get that service again, but so those poor people don't have to deal with such an inconsiderate *** like you again.


I totally get what he's talking about. Sure it's just a sandwich but these peoples job is to make sandwiches.

If they are incapable they should be fired. Just like if they can't immigrate properly they should be deported.


if there was any focus on service then....people who can communicate should be hired. Great post. I will definitely avoid this location.


racist much? :?


Obviously you seem to be really RACIST I understand your point but really over a *** sandwich please there is better stuff to worry about in life instead of make someone's life more miserable THATS JUST SAD AND PATHETIC


also i am pretty sure that if you called immigration and tell your sandwich story they would have laughed, but why don't you go ahead and call, you got nothing to lose :zzz


oh my god man grow the *** up, you made this over a sandwich????????

you sure are childish. :grin

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