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Very poor service ! Columbus Westside Soggy and cold Sandwich Beef/Cheddar Bacon Sandwich very poor they advertise 6 slices of Bacon more like 6 pieces. Complained to Manager who didn't care said call the main office ! I told them we would never come back and one girl just laughed ! NEVER AGAIN AND WILL TELL EVERYONE Why do I need to enter at least 100 words ? The food is poor, the service was poor and the manager was poor what else do you...
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I recently went to Arby's and ordered a Beef and Cheddar sandwich only. The price on the board was listed as 3.99. I pulled to the drive in window to pay and the employee told me the price was 5.56 with tax. I said it was advertised as 3.99 and she told me the computer said 4.99. I left without the sandwich and told them it is illegal to post a price and charge more. I emailed the Arby's corporate office andI got a call the next day saying...
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Anonymous As an human I can confirm, that accidents happen and as an adult you should deal with it. So what a sandwitch was mis-priced things happen it's not false advertisement it was ...

Arbys Beef And Cheddar Sandwich Review

My kiddos both had food poisoning Thursday. They both were very ill for 24hours and have no idea what you guys did to their food. Maybe sanitation was off, I think corporate needs to reevaluate this location and make sure they're taking all the right precautions.