Winston, Georgia

As an Italian American, I find the Arbys commercial featuring the loaded italian sub quite racist and offensive. Would you make a ghetto chitterling sandwich and then ask LaDarius what part of Arbys didnt he understand?????

Product or Service Mentioned: Arbys Commercial.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I am Italian and when I saw the commercial I thought,"Really? It is not like they said the word woop or ginnie but lets think about it, IF it was an Arby's rib sandwich and Ving Rhames, the narrator of the commercial, said, what part of ribs don't you understand Willie or Jamal the world would turn upside down, or if it was a Mexican sandwich and Rhames said, "What part of taco sandwich don't you understand Jose or Chico", the world would turn upside down again.

Whats good for the goose is good for the gander meaning, what is good for one type is equally good for another type, despite any irrelevant differences between the types.. Plain and simple.

Don't *** on my lawn and then complain if I *** on yours.

The commercial is offensive and was probably a marketing ploy by the idiots at Fallon Advertising, the advertising company that came up with the idea of the commercial, to get people talking.


I saw This commercial and I couldn't agree with you more. I'm an American, of German decent, and felt bad for Italians for this blatant racial discrimination against Italian people.

If there were a KFC commercial that said "what part of Kentucky Fried Chicken didn't you understand Tyrone?" It probably would have never been shown. But hey, apparently only black lives and feelings matter anymore.


I completely agree.. I literally asked myself the same question but substituted LaDarius for Tyrone...


Butt hurt much


We need to bring back the Fire hoses and then we'll see who's butt is REALLY hurt!!!!!


What part of African didn't you understand Leroy?

What part of Mexican didn't you understand Pedro?


I promise you the natives in Italy do not consider you Italian. To them, you are American.


No, and my friends who were born in Africa consider "African Americans" as American but that doesn't stop everyone else who's trying to be politically correct from referring to them as such. BTW, Quanza is a made up holiday and NOT celebrated in Africa.


You are right. The people I know directly from or in Africa get really angry at black Americans calling themselves African-Americans. BTW: You misspelled Kwanzaa.


Who cares how its spelled. It's made up.

It was initiated in the US in the late 70's or early 80's. I have several friends from Africa and they not only do not celebrate Kwanzaa, they get angry if you ask them about it.


I dare you to make a LaQuisha or Santiago rendition of this offensive commercial Arbys! I'm not even Italian and you lost my business.




I agree. Everyone else is screaming racism!

I HATE that, and basically all, Arbys commercials. I refuse to watch the commercials and now refuse to eat at Arbys. Great job marketing. You're pissed off the Italians.

Whose next? Native Americans?

Certainly not African Americans! I'll eat at Zaxbys from now on

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