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On last Saturday my apartment unit on fire no one hurt. Tuesday I go to Arby's drive-thru window 54 55.

Fish sandwich make sure I've got lots of lettuce. Roast beef cheddar onion roll no coupon. Almost $9 get to the window what did I get charged $0.30 for lettuce really how much is $0.30 look like. Squish bread sloppy.

Take this back give me my $0.30 back and thank you.. may I please thank you. New sandwich 3 4 strips of lettuce. Dark dark toasted bread squish squish to know more life .

. Fish Patty itself moist not fresh sitting sitting there looking greasy with the cheese help me Jesus . Man pushed in the back tight until all life was out of the fish sandwich dead . With the butt of the tomato included on the leaning to the side drunk sandwich .

. Roast beef onion dry dry toasted no cheese extra nothing not on the paper not on the sandwich that's your roast beef.. I have pictures I have pictures I don't lie try not to but but.. Arby's Chick-fil-A South Square University behind Sam's Club..

you are another one that I will no longer eat at that's another story after my fire week you have no respect for your customers or loyalty as to give every customer a Happy Meal.. my purchase purchases should be just as happy and fresh and healthy and clean as the next customers..

Product or Service Mentioned: Arbys Crispy Fish Sandwich.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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sorry bout the fire but what does it have to do w/restuarant experience


I believe you are suffering from the effects of smoke inhalation. Please seek medical attention.

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