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My man and I went to Arby's today, the one in Blaine off of 10, we stood there, with 4 or 5 employees working behind the counter, not one of them said hello, or we'll be with you in a moment, or sorry for the wait ( nobody else in line but us), finally the one running the drive through says to another employee, are you going to help these people? She says " I'll get to them in a moment", still not one of them said anything to us....oh but they all had time to talk and giggle, but had no time to help us, the customers, we had money and we were hungry, so we went across the street, where there are many other places to eat, got served and ate.

Can't say we'll ever go back to that Arby's to eat, but I have the time to complain. I too work in customer service, I even train people for customer service, and that was the worse treatment I have ever had with fast food.

Keep up the great job, maybe we'll never go back again. Thank you for reading

Product or Service Mentioned: Arbys Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Oh dont take it personally. She only hated you because you act like a snot every time you come.


same thing with me but at the st.paul store

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