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ABSOLUTLY HORRIBLY AWFULLY TERRIBLY DISGUTSINGLY RUDE!!! It was very clearly 10:55pm and the workers were already packed up and leaving.

This worker came up to me in my car and told me they were closed and they were leaving and said they were closed and that they close at 11, but it wasn't 11 and they were already getting in their cars and leaving.

NEVER WANT TO COME AGAIN!!!!!! This is just very *** and rude, if you close up at 10:55 but your supposed to close at 11 then change your freaking signs to 10:55!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Arbys Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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What was rude was you going here five minutes to close and expecting fresh hot food. I used to manage fast food.

I did not like people like you. You want to eat food that late go to ihop


Hi Brat - Thanks for choosing Arby's. Don't worry, we confirmed that it wasn't because you are an entitled brat that they closed at 10:55.

Eat some Smores if you're hungry that late!

Please. They worked sooo hard all day and had no customers for the past 2 hours, so we decided to be nice to our minimum wage peons and let them go home early.

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