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Good afternoon,

I am writing to formally complain about the terribly outrageous service received from your disheveled location on Windmill and Pecos here in Henderson, Nevada.

My fiancé had gone to get lunch while I stayed home with our newborn. Not only did the service take an extremely long time, but the communication and overall service was unacceptable.

She had ordered via drive thru, and upon paying, was promptly directed to wait in the parking lot and her order would be brought out to her. This never happened. Instead, her order was given to another customer. When she went in to finally ask about the extreme delay, she was told not only that he order was given to another person, but they believed her receipt was stolen from someone and could not possibly be hers since there was a man who ordered and, thus, a man was given the food. The two immediate aforementioned statements could not be farther from the actual truth. She was the only person in the car, and we still have the receipt.

The manager on duty at the time was of no help, and was the only person able to communicate with us about the incident. She had recognized, and asked to speak to the young man who took her order, and was rudely refused by this woman believed to be manager. By this time more than 45 minutes had gone by and a refund was out of the question.

While still at home with our newborn, I had called to speak both to this woman in charge, and Henderson non emergency police department, without a resolution from either party. At this point I felt helpless and asked for a contact number or email for you so I may make a formal complaint. I was again rudely refused. The meal was paid for again, and we finally had our lunch after over an hour of this debacle.

I can say that we will NEVER be visiting this location again, and if I am ever made aware of any other locations that this woman works at, they will be excluded just the same from our patronage.

This was nothing short o a nightmare, and that woman should no longer be employed by your business, nor any others' until she has had the proper reprimand and re-training needed to appropriately service the public as a food handler.

Attached you will find a copy of our receipt.

I look forward to your prompt response and attention to this matter.


P. Garibay

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Brandi, I just wanted to hop on just to let you know, you are not alone. (People on these complaint sites....are to judgmental).

I have been in a similar situation.....oh and first of all( to all you smart *** out there)...just FYI...when you have a child together.....you are suppose to support each other in any task handed to you....no matter how big or how small. My husband will jump to my aid ANYTIME I need it. It's not that a " fiancé /spouse" can't fight their own battles....you work out the battles together.... Anyways...We had Chilis tell us we failed to pay our bill....of $98.....

Well....let's just say we never went back to that location....and we refused to pay it the second time around.

Congrats on your little one:D We have four daughters, ages 7 year old twins, a 4 year old and a 10 month old...the hard times will get better :D Keep hold of each other and support one another:D Oh....and the hormones....if you were like me...and was...." Not yourself" lol, that will get better too :D Good luck dear, and I hope you have a better fast food night! -Racheal from Texas :D


Thank you, I think that the worst part of this is that this made my fiancee so angry that he started throwing things around and swearing so loudly that the neighbors heard. They called the police and the police contacted CPS because they feared that my fiancee would harm our child.

Our child was taken from us because of this incident.

Since CPS and the police were involved before in my house they think that my child will never be returned to me.


Being your fiance' was the one involved in this deal, apparently she isn't mature enough to do her own complaining or are just the type that has to be in control of everything? It was rather moronic of you to involve the police department in such a piddly matter.

They have many more important things to deal with. A fast food order doesn't make major theft. For somebody that thinks they are so smart, and that is exactly what your complaint sounds like you don't know that you are on a general complaint site, and not Arby's web site. You could have said the same thing in a lot shorter complaint.

In case you don't realize it human beings do make mistakes. I feel sorry for your poor baby, having such immature parents.


Did u not read his statement - btw- I am the fiancé - I just finally cut and pasted the *** letter he typed the day it happend cause it needed to circulate some how - I can't sit there and let something just disappear - not this situation- if I do- then who knows wtf else this woman is doing to our community besides ripping us off - it was a crazy scam- my family was waiting at home for dinner - it was gonna be our junk food special night - where we didn't have to cook and we got what we wanted - I am a new mother and it was my first time out in the car with my - at the time a lil over a month now he's month old baby - I go up to the window hand him a 20 and the kid asks me to pull in front after handing me the ordered drinks- it was my 70 year old fathers money- we are hurting cash wise- and it's many reasons why twenty to forty bucks these days makes us feel rich - I we called 311 not 911- they said we of course can't call 911 but it is worthy of a small claims court situation - of course it's not that big a deal for that - but how about the fact that a human being on this earth is allowed to tell u that u didn't order somethjng - that u never paid - that the receipt isn't mine and the orders on it r from a diff customer - and that she is the manager and she's not going make good on presenting food or a refund and eventually verbally insulting me for about an hour with profanity - my father is old he told me to hang on and he'd come by and fix it - but he couldn't - it took him 20 mins to get up and ready just to see if I lost my mind with the bizarre situation I claimed was currently happening - my brother Brandon Harper - sheriff of Manila county Arkansas said I needed to call 311 - the woman came out to my car with a bag of food at the end and it was wide open then she pushed her face down into it- she sqid that God said I deserved the food that she gave me and that my father and i will regret it if we don't leave - we egged her on like call the cops - she said I ain't no cop caller - she acted like she's too tough for her britches - she was making threats and stole the money- and drove off a busy shift with constant customers - they were all on my side too and people who came up to approach ended up turning around - cause she was scaring them- she's a kid obviously and trying to make a hustle - I got her employee that works the window to tell her over and over again that I was alone except with my baby- and I paid him and his response of pulling forward - she from there states she was the one who brought out my order imediatly after - but that was untrue I parked in front of the entrance - the boy brought out another order to someone else and apologized claiming he'd try his hardest to get her to fix this bul- but he was claiming she made threats of firing him for not picking up the pace- and she's been firing people left and right for less caused reasoning - I didn't care about his probs- just excuses - this girl was probably a brand spanken new adult or not one yet - she spoke her grammar like a junior high schooler and lied to u face easier the breathing - my father left Arbys swearing off the restaurant forever after he gave her another 20 inside the restaurant because he couldn't get threw to her about the wrongness so it obviosly was a hustle - and yes she kicked us out the restaurant and the spit in our bag when she brought it out -so she got a poor family's lil bit of money and didn't make good on a quality job - and made threats - dude I can go on forever - it's the last bad thing that I has experienced and its well it's all good U inspired me to get ahold of BBB and I contacted news 13 - U tell us what and we investigate division - they love exposing thieves and bully's - did I mention that I also was with a nearly over a month old newborn when this was happening - I should kick ur *** for commenting to my post like ur intelligent - U aren't worth my explainations- ur mannerism obviosly has forgotten that technically the customer is alway right - u r proably like that girl- look at the wall and claim it took off with ur crack stash after it raped u while levitating - u two would get along - the guy u thought put this post in- lost his mother last month to cancer and has me and my baby left - he was at home and didn't know how to help me when I told him my issue - he called Arbys and the woman told him that I'm a typical scavenger trying to trick the resturqbt out of money with my free food scemes then hung up and told him never call - so ya 311 is what normal people do next -if three adults and I'm sure about a dozen others who approached the restuant that day think this place is condemned by dirty crooked racist thugs - man haters need a life - comment on a emotionally distraught customer who was threaten and robbed and mocked and the public viewed it - all we want is the girls job stripped from her- before her actions do someone harm or soemthing bad- hey btw- *** u loser - don't blame us cause u think breaking the law is a rush or the thing to do- I got a AA bachelors degree in criminal justice - emphasis on investigation - and I'm working now to possibly be good enough to pass nevadas bar exam for law school- if that happens - I'll be helping Nevada with ideas and plans for criminal activity to have a stern punishment - like have the situation follow her background checks and employee resume for like for or so years - warn folks that people have potential of meeting her and having a theft and verbal attacking - with a side of theats on hurting me and my family - for what right ? Cause I said no I can't go home with out my mans food and my dying fathers as well the man that paid- anyways I took vids - her , my fathers , and my conversation - partially r on it - the example alone is enough to understand what trouble our Arbys has become


I agree the fiance must be six years old if they cannot fight their own battles and the OP needs to be put in jail for having sexual relationships with a child that resulted in the child getting pregnant.



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