Arbys Loaded Italian Sandwich Reviews

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Over the past few yearsy wife and I stopped visiting our local Arbys...just doesn't live up to the commercials that profess quality and satisfaction. So...we decided to give it another try. My wife ordered the Italian sub...maybe there was a hint of advertised meat and cheese..again, maybe a hint. I ordered the Ruben...another sad disappointment. Soggy bread and very very salty fillings. Needless to say $16+ dollars worth of disappointment....
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I recently went to my local arbys in Morgantown w.v. it is located on Patterson Dr. I ordered an Italian combo. As arbys Italian has been my favorite for many years. I have been going to this store for years. I was treated so badly by the employees that I will not return again. Not only did the man who took my order ring it up incorrectly,my sub was very sloppy. My curly fries were cold. When I attempted to bring this to the managers attention....
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Review about Arbys Loaded Italian Sandwich
Was looking forward to Loaded Italian coming back but this was disappointing. Dried meat, discolored veggies like it had set there already made. Yuck.
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