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I dealt with a lady Andrea whose name badge read assistant manager an thats has to be a joke. I've lived in that area for years and have been coming to that Arbys for just as long .

She needs more training in Customer Service and Management skills and understand what that means. You are going to lose a good employees and faithful customers and more to come if she continues to work there. She shows no respect for her customers or employees,(ex.She made a employee break down and cry by talking to her so rudely with a lobby full of customers.)She doesn't know how to talk to people.

Horrible person to have as a manager at Winton Road location Cincinnati ohio. Makes me want to not even order everytime I have to go in there Very rude

Product or Service Mentioned: Arbys Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Hi there - Thanks for choosing Arbys. We hope you know that we dealt with Andrea.

Please know she has a new position with us. Just yesterday, we sent her to the Arbys Toilet Scrubber Training Center.


The problem I have always seen with arbys food is that they seem to spend more time making their product look good than taste good. I went there today and was throughly annoyed.

The meal was slow, you cant get an honest dolop of mustard. They have to foist on you the fancy stuff that is sweet. I got a corned beed sandwich that they are promoting. It was miserable and the fries were cold.

The service was also slow. All the money spent advertising their food should be spent on making it taste better.

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