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Arbys on 108th and National Ave.In West All is,WI is poorly managed!

Was in drive thru and manager asked coworker what kind of soda the car behind me had and she said a,"Pepsi, but make it a medium mountain dew." And the manager didn't say anything! Then, I got my order and there were no fries with my meal!! No fries! How could u miss that?

Did I want to go back to get my fries?

No way, who knows what would've been given to me?Not going back there again.

Review about: Arbys Manager.


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Grow up!!! Any *** knows you check your order while still at the window, then if something is missing you can get it without going back. As far as your comment about the car behind you getting the wrong pop, I don't believe that for a minute and if it did happen there is a very good possibility that the girl at the window knew the person and was playing a trick on them.

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