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This is the worst place to go!!!! Employees are idiots or something!!!

After making wait more than 5 minutes to take my order I ask for the mint chocolate swirl shake small, it wasn't topped with Andes candy pieces or the whipped cream, when I went to ask about it they told me that the small version does not comes with that I asked them were does it says that because the ad does not shows it like that, the dumb cashier look at the ad and then to me and said: I don't know !!! So I had to pay 2.99 for another milkshake to finally have what I originally asked for!! Besides all this the place is super dirty and smell bad!!!

I will never go back!!! Arby's at Fairview rd in Simpsonville SC

Product or Service Mentioned: Arbys Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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My wife ordered a small mint chocolate shake. It arrived with no chocolate.

When she asked "Where is the chocolate?" The guy behind the counter said "The small doesn't come with chocolate." My wife replied "Well, then it's not a mint chocolate shake. It's only a mint shake." We pointed out that their sign did not say anything about the small not having chocolate.

She told him that if there were only two shake sizes available with mint and chocolate, then one was the large and the other was small. If they're going to be this obtuse, they should at least tell the customer when they order the small that there is no chocolate.


Arbys 420... I just ordered the small as well..

Same issue.. No where on the *** board, ad or anywhere does it say, only comes on medium or large.. The *** at the counter just told me that..

Plus when you order a mint chocolate swirl. U should Get what the *** you order PERIOD!!!


Hey there! Thanks for choosing Arby's, you pukeface.

Why are you so *** to not understand that ONLY THE MEDIUM comes like that? Order the medium next time.

@Arbys 420

Ah...the troll. Sorry but it is false advertising if they show all the shakes with the candy but don’t actually do it that way. Undereducated fast food worker at its finest.

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