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one day I was walking home and that sweet sweet smell of 100% roast beef and melty delicious cheddar wafted through my nostrils. Immediately I knew I was stopping for a delicious piping hot bag of arbys.

after picking up my delicious piping hot bag of arbys I continued my journey home when I was brazenly accosted by a pair of baphomet street thugs.

"hey friend" I said nervously

they didnt answer and slowly advanced on me brandishing horrible medieval weaponry as street thugs are prone to do.

"listen, Im not looking for any trouble you hooligans" I said.

"ya, well we are looking for trouble, BIG trouble. and we mean business" they replied.

it was at this point I realized that they meant business and were likely looking for trouble.

being the coward that I am I immediately covered my face and genitals.

it was at this point that a miracle happened. one of these street toughs smelled the delicious 3 arbys medium beef and cheddars for 5$ that I had in my delicious piping hot bag of arbys.

"is that beef a delicious piping hot beef and cheddar from arbys I smell" said one of the street toughs.

"yes" I sheepishly replied

"us street toughs LOVE arbys." said the first hooligan

"ya, almost as much as we love being hooligans and making trouble" said the second trouble making hooligan.

it was at this point I realized what I had to do.

I gave each street tough a medium delicious piping hot arbys roast beef and cheddar and was on my way.

yes frieds, arbys did indeed save my life that night. and to this day I NEVER walk past an arbys without picking up 3 delicious piping hot medium arbys roast beef and cheddars.

-Baphomet Arbys

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This same thing happened to me except with piping hot medium roast beef combos with curly fries.

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