Flint, Michigan

Is any one else bothered by Arbys requiring you give them your name when ordering?

In these times with Identity Theft I find giving my name at a fast food restaurant strange and unusual. With people having cell phones with cameras, taking pictures of credit cards and having your name, opens the possibility for more identity theft. One can not be too careful in public with people being creative in gaining personal information.

If it is not email spam at home, phishing phone calls for info, now its Arbys asking for customers to reveal personal information just to eat their food.

By the way the cost to repair your credit from identity theft can be hundreds even thousands of dollars, not to mention ruining your credit rating.

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Places do that in order to create a friendly, personable atmosphere. It's because they value their customers as more than just an order number. If you're really that uncomfortable giving out your first name so they know what to call out when your order is complete, just tell them to call out the order number instead.

First B

I agree, giving your name is not a requirement, just something they do so they can call you when your food is ready. Like some restaurants where you give your name if they don't have a place to seat you rather than a buzzer.

If you do not feel comfortable giving your name give a fake one like Amanda Hugandkiss, or IPee Freely.

Or Huge Jazz. Or Fourking crazy.


This is ***. It's to call you up when your food is ready, ***.


This person needs mommy's permission though before giving his name to a stranger.


I am currently an employee at Arbys. And I would love to say that you fail.we don't FORCE your name we just ask.


I'm a worker at Arby's, and this is the dumbest post I've ever seen on this site. No one can steal your identity with your full name, let alone your first (and plus, if u dont like it just give them a made up name. If identity theft is possible with knowing only someone's name, then all your former classmates would be stealing your identity (everyone of your classmates know your first + last name)


If they have taken a picture of your credit card would they not already have your first name? Also I'm not sure if you are aware of this but I bet you money that your last name is some where in a huge book with a lot of other peoples last names phone numbers and addresses as well.


I work at Arby's and I'm the poor sap that has to ask the customers their names before I take the order. After a couple of weeks, I just quit doing it.

By the time I asked for the name and then explained why they had to give me their name to order at a fast food restaurant (I'm still not sure myself why) it just takes that much longer to get the same food.

It kind of just runs counter to the reason people go to Arby's in the first place. Unless anyone actually has a better time when the cashier reads their name off the receipt?




Oh my gosh, you now have my first name...

They don't REQUIRE you to give them your name, they are just as happy to call you by number.

It's an attempt to personalize your dining experience and keep you from being "just a number".

If it bothers you, then tell them "no thanks, please just call my number".


Unless you have an unusual or uncommon name, I wouldnt worry about it. Or, you could give a "fake" name.. mary, john, scott, lisa..


Hey man... let me get your first name....

I'm sure you are the only person out there with that name... Maybe i'll be able to score a loan or some *** like that. O wait...... I'd need for full name mother's maiden name...

Social security number... photo ID.... ect ect ect..... Go in your basement...

lock the door and put yourself in a giant bubble.... you are not fit to interact with humanity


Ditto on above comment.


All they want to do is be able to call out your order by name...if it bothers you that much, when the clerk asks, give them your pet's name!

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