Arbys Roast Beef Classic Sandwich Reviews

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I went to the restaurant today.I ordered a roast beef with cheddar meal. When I looked at the receipt, I noticed I was charged 4.99 for the sandwich and then an addition 3 dollars for the soda and fries. When I asked the lady about it I was told "Oh we charge for the Sandwich separately. The soda and fries are the combo". Huh? Since when? I get cheaper value menus at Burger King and their food is no as good. Rip off! Why would I be charged for...
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I liked
  • Food is good
I didn't like
  • Your prices are ridiculous
I ordered a Classic Roast Beef sandwich. The picture showed it piled high with meat. It was as pathetic as a 15 cent McDonalds was years ago. I took it back and complained. I was told, "No, that's the Classic. The picture is just advertising." Then they laughed. This was my first visit to an Arby's in years. There is a good chance it will be our last. This took place at the Newton, Iowa Arbys, next to Wal Mart. You ask for evidence! ...
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