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Went to arbys restaurant in statesboro ga last night and ate supper i was sick all night because of the roast beef when i called this morning and talked to a manager she was rude and told me they cook their meat fresh every day so they it must have been something else but i know what it was i have gone there for the last time because i have been sick since 2 am this morning with diarrhea

Product or Service Mentioned: Arbys Roast Beef.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Never eat the display meat, i.e. the Roast beef unless you want to be sick


Do you even know what hazard. Analysis is? You do not have food handlers you have unsanitary ***.


Thanks for the review. Always fun reading these.

There are a number of ways to getting diarrhea which could either be their fault or your fault. You'll be amazed how many customers don't or forget to wash their hands prior to eating which can causes diarrhea.But, same can be said about the employees who don't wash their hands frequently or at all.

Another option is that the roast beef was contaminated by unclean surfaces and/or equipment. None the less, these bad reviews are encouraged to better enforce management to train and enforce employees to wash there hands frequently and keep surface and equipment clean.

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