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Was taking a *** of my turkey bacon ranch wrap (ordered without onions), and felt something tug against my teeth and lips.Figured they put onions in my wrap and it was just onion skin. I look down and low and behold there is a 12 inch thick, black hair in my mouth leading deep into my wrap. I seriously almost vomited in my mouth and spit out my *** of food. Will never, EVER go back. By the time I was eating my wrap, I was already 10 miles away...
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No We at Arby's now provide free hair in your sandwich! Hope you loved it!

To whom it concerns i went to one of your locations in Norfolk Virginia on military i was in the drive through line for 10 minutes after getting to the drive through she gave me the wrong sadwiches afyer i told her she gave me the wrong sandwiches she got an attitude and went and gave me two more wrong sandwichea i was so angry and going to be late for my appointment i just left.Will not be going back there
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Go Away Hi Entitled Veteran - We're glad you will be taking your business to the McDonald's across the street. When you see how they treat entitled veterans, you'll be back at Arby's....

I had the new turkey sandwich with the bacon on it that's been advertised on Tv and it was very disappointing> when I watched the commercials for it they make look and sound like I'm getting this huge stuffed sandwich and when I opened it up it looked more like a JR double cheeseburger.The commercials and poster are defiantly mis-leading and I will not be going back. I paid $11 for a medium shake that was way too sweet and a tiny sandwich, the...
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I liked
  • Curly fries was good
I didn't like
  • Price
  • Shake and sandwich
  • Commercials

Arbys Roast Turkey Ranch And Bacon Sandwich Review

Just wondering I got this wrap and it was cold as ice like it just came out of a freezer is this normal
I just came from Arby's over on Ft. Union Blvd and the Turkey N Cheddar sandwich I ordered has ice-cold turkey in it! Even the cheese was cold! It's as though they either served me a day old sandwich or had recently thawed the turkey, but couldn't be bothered to heat it up. I then attempted to call them to explain my experience and it rang and rang, then finally went to a voice mail, but the voice mail said it didn't recognize the phone number....
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Anonymous Be thankful you had something to eat.. you just wasted a min of everyone's time to read your rant over a sandwich while kids starve in other countries and would be thankful fo...