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I have spent the last two years of my life as a vegetarian during which time I have not cheated once. Today I went to Arby's drive through with my mother where I asked for a farmhouse salad with no turkey or chicken and then no meat at all, among other items from their menu.

The lady at the drive through asked "no meat?" When the salad was ordered and when repeating the order back to us to make sure it was correct the first thing on it was "a farmhouse salad with no meat on it..." And then the rest of our order. So we get the food, go home and get ready to eat. I myself look at the salad and see no meat on the top, thinking they got it right I put the dressing on it and dig into it. After a few mouthfuls I feel something crunchy so I dig around in the salad and see huge chunks of bacon towards the bottom.

Now realizing I just broke two years of effort, morals and personal achievements for a very much not worth it $5.39 salad that wasn't supposed to have meat in it. Two whole years of avoiding food because I believe the way we slaughter animals to be cruel only to be wasted by dry, *** bacon in a salad from Arby's that wasn't supposed to have ANY meat.

And when I call to complain I get "would you like a replacement" and when I pointed out that I clearly asked for no meat and that they should teach their employees to be more competent the manager told me "well I think she told us we just got it on there anyways". What a way to run a fast food business.

Product or Service Mentioned: Arbys Salad.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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"MORALS"??? You're eating fast food, supporting an exploitative industry.

Have a seat and shut up....


So, I am confused....How did that make you cheat on your boyfriend?


Arby's WE HAVE THE MEATS ! Great decision by a vegetarian to go there.


Lesson learned: never trust a minimum-waged employee to successfully cater to your diet.

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