Avon, Ohio
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So i was eating an arbys classic sandwich, (i purchased two) and i dont like too much meat on my sandwich so i proceeded to take the top bun off of my sandwich and i saw this green stuff in the image below. I stopped eating the first sandwich and did the same thing to the second sandwich, took and bun off and there it was agian GREEN.

I dont know about you people at ARBYS but i never saw GREEN like this on MEAT! This is absolutely unacceptable and i want a refund!

Product or Service Mentioned: Arbys Sandwich.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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I see no green. The first flag to warn me that the original poster was maybe not all there is that they said "I don't like a lot of meat on my sandwiches". Kind of a lame-o.


I don't see anything green in the pics. Are you dreaming of pot?

I love Arby's food.


Me neither and I'm colored blind lol joking I do not see any green just a light brown on all their meats


I also will never ever eat arbys again.My stomach turns everytime I think about the food I recieved at the one in south milwaukee wisconsin 2 days ago.And no I do not want free food as I will never eat that *** again.First off I had a beef n chedder sandwich which I have had in the past it used to be good.This one though it tasted like vomit.I spit it out after the first ***.Maybe it was old I do not care it was nasty.The soda did not have enough flavor in it and was really just fizzy water with a very bad after taste.The curly fries I must admit were good but after a taste of that beef n chedder I just could not eat any more.Just thinking about it now makes me want to puke.Never ever again arbys you lost me as a customer for life and I may just call our local health dept. on you.


You better get a refund!


I see nothing green.


Me either? That picture makes me hungry.


This OP is a simpleton ignorrammuss


In the Arby's nutritional values supplemental handbook, they are labeled a proprietary "flavor crystals."


Arby's has pepsi. Did you know that?

@Uncle ***knocker

Pepsi rocks! Do they have green Pepsi?


The same "green" is also visible on deli meat. It's just a pearlescent aspect of the meat.BTW, you have to contact Arby's for a refund.


This is correct. The meat and the fats in the meat cause the pearlescent effect.

A quality meat will show this colouring where as meat with too much fat or filler will not. So if you are asking for a sandwich without the "green" you would have to go some place that serves fat-laden meat or gristle; NOT Arby's.

(now you can impress family and friends with your knowledge of Arby's quality roast beef!)

Why didn't you take your sandwiches to the counter and ask for a refund or different sandwiches? [rolling eyes]

@GreenEggs and Ham only

P.S. I don't work for Arby's but I do work in the QUALITY foods industry and I am qualified to share this knowledge with you.

A question for you ...

if you don't like too much meat on your two Arby's classic sandwiches what do you do with the extra meat?

Thank you for allowing me to enlighten you.


Maybe I'm partially blind, but the only green I can see is the sandwich wrapper.


Same here, looks like someone needs to get a job instead of lying in order to get free food. You are not blind this person is just scamming and lying in order to get free food. They need to get a job so they don't have to stoop so low.


Sorry I meant lettuce, however since you had no problem eating the sandwich you are not entitled to a refund. If you want free food go to a food kitchen, or stop spending your food stamps on alcohol.


Dear rude Kevin,If I was your boss,I would have immediately fired your ***.You were awful to the customer and that is a no-no.You need to be taught people skills and then you Might could work as a trash driver ,only if you don`t talk to people.I`m not downing trash people-they are valuable to us.And as smart as you are let me tell you this.I know some people do but it is against the law to buy alcohol with food stamps.AND I HAVE WORKED FOR Arbys and you know that stuff ain`t real,even though I eat it.


You cannot be my boss because you are most likely six years old. How do I know this only a six year old would ASSume that because I pointed out the truth that I work for the company.

You are lying you have never worked at Arby's. You lied once to us by coming to the conclusion that I am an Arby's worker. I have a suggestion for you, have mommy read this review and the replies, have he click on my name and you will see I tell off all sorts of people. Mommy can explain to you that there is no possible way I work for several companies.

Then again an ex employee's word means nothing, especially if they left on bad terms. Then again if you are going to lie and say I am rude to customers when I don't work for the company perhaps you are lying about working at Arby's as well.


And if Mommy doesn't laugh at Kevin's responses to all sorts of people then she needs to get her meds changes.

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