Red Bluff, California
Not resolved

Brown lettuce in the middle of my chicken sandwich. After eating half of my chicken sandwich.

I went to go try and get my money back for the order. After amber the manager talked with the owner of Arby's herself on the phone she came out and offered to make me another chicken sandwich. I told her listen, this isn't like you forgot to put tomatoes on my as which and I want you to make me another one. You guys messed up.

My lettuce is brown and is probably going to make me sick with food poisoning. My end result will be to get a lawyer for lawsuit for food poisoning and submitting my complaint to the health department.

Product or Service Mentioned: Arbys Sandwich.

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You mean your JR chicken sandwich? That you paid a $1.50 for? Get over it.


Arby roast beef sandwiches are TOO SALTY !!!!!!!!!!! Yuk

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