Toledo, Ohio
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Your national tv add says I can have the fish sandwich with foldover bread simply because I can, well in Toledo Ohio at your secor rd store apparently not, we were told they were out of the flatbread and it will be an hour before they had more,needless to say we didn't wait but you guys should change your add to say you can get it if we have much for good fast food at Arby's

Product or Service Mentioned: Arbys Sandwich.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Stores only have so much stock, and when we run out, we have to communicate with another store to get product.

It isn't something we want to happen often, but it does happen sometimes.

My store ran out of roast beef one day.

Yes, an Arby's store ran out of roast beef. It happens, and we do everything we can to fix it as soon as possible.


You are seriously angry that a new supply of flatbread needed to be prepared? Do you think there is an imaginary warehouse behind Arby's where they store an endless supply of flatbread?

They may have had a run on that sandwich, due to the promotion. I understand it is disappointing if your heart was set on it, but use common sense here. I have gone into Subways and wanted a specific bread but they had just had a rush and were out.

They were baking a new batch as fast as they could. I simply chose another bread.


You're a freakin' dumb ***. obviously it's 'if we have it' in any restaurant.

maybe the flatbread had to thaw?

just seems a little mentally challenged to ask them to change their slogan to something that 9.5/10 humans would understand.

You shouldn't be spending your money on arby's it seems like you should focus on education/critical thinking!

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