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I submitted the following complaint on the Arby's web site from my 5 years of knowledge of this location...

"Dear Sir:

The Arby's franchise Unit: 7019 located at 16338 N ORACLE RD, TUCSON, AZ 85739 has got to be the WORST Arby's franchise in existence. Regrettably, this is the franchise closest to my home (the next closest is nearly 12 miles away). Prices at this location are up to 25% (!!!) greater than other Arby's in the greater Tucson area. Every time I try to use an Arby's coupon that I get from your e-mails or the Facebook page, I get the third degree about it - they try every excuse possible to avoid taking it. This location doesn't have all the sauces that the others locations have. This location does not have a customer-accessible drink fountain, like the others do. Very often this location runs out of ingredients for sandwiches, and simply doesn't put then on and they DO NOT TELL customers about that in advance. I find that often they do not have the onion rolls for the Beef and Cheddar (which is a current coupon promotion) and they just substitute some hamburger-roll without informing the customer in advance (an especially BAD practice for carry-out!). The people behind the counter seem bored to death, don't understand the products they sell and are always LESS THAN PLEASANT. I've NEVER been thanked for my business or encouraged to come back.This location is often dirty in the customer area. Both of the two different types of roast beef used are usually grossly overcooked to the point of being dried out and chewy.

I strongly encourage you to find a new owner for this franchise. It is a disgrace to the Arby's name and everyone that enters this place (it's usually mostly empty - for reasons stated previously) goes away with an unfavorable impression of your company. "

The result was a guy who claimed to be the "Regional Manager" phoned me. After discussing the above and many other failings of this location, the guy, Richard, says he is very familiar with this franchise and he agrees with the full content of the complaints I made and claims he'll work on improvements. Shortly after this, I find out that Richard WORKS IN THIS LOCATION behind the counter -- he is being paid by this horrible franchise!!!!! I expect NOTHING to be done about the nearly unlimited problems at this franchise location, and I now know that Arby's doesn't give a flying frack about complaints and does nothing about them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Arbys Customer Care.

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Arbys is a joke of a franchise, company and business. They always have been and always will be. That's why they close way more units than they open and their owners are extremely unhappy with them while they lose their butts financially....

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