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BEWARE!My boyfriend and I got food poisoning, on Monday from the turkey gyros or employees. Was at the 4th plain and Andresen store in Vancouver Wa. Come to find out, two of his co-workers have been sick from the same store , same thing within the past weeks. Wish I had known that sooner. I've been horribly sick for two days now!!I want them to be aware of the problem and get it fixed asap, so no one else gets sick!
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Arbys Turkey Gyro Sandwich Review from Ellwood City, Pennsylvania
Went to Arbys to tey their new Gryos. The turjey one in the add looked delicous. sns 2 for 6$ not a bad price. What i got was a gryo where tge tomaties were bigger tgan the amount of turkey i got. I usually alway eat at Arbys but after this i think not. Bait and switch. The Arbys was in New Castle, PA. They are usually friendly and very courtious but i feel i wasted my time and money. Will think twife begore going there again. Tried to submit...
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Arbys Turkey Gyro Sandwich Review

Love the buffalo chicken! Tried the gyros, but the tatziki sauce was so weak, the meat was NOT gyro worthy and just caked with oregano, the veggies were not fresh, but the pita was ok