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At an Arbys in Chattanooga Tennessee I witnessed a manager turn away a man and pregnant woman who wanted to work for food.

I could not believe that the manager could be so heartless. How do you turn away someone hungry. These people wanted to work for the food.

What made this worse was they threw away food when they corrected my order. They would rather throw food away that feed a hungry couple? Does anyone else feel there is something wrong with this?

I wrote an editorial about this and hope you will read the full account if you are interested. I am very interested in hearing your opinions and hope you will comment at the bottom of the article.


Product or Service Mentioned: Arbys Manager.

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Seriously? You could have bought them dinner you heartless witch!

You know what would happen if they let them work for food and something went wrong? Arbys would be liable, and insurance wouldn't cover it. There are also minimum wage laws that, if Arbys let these guys work for food, could get in trouble for.

Wow, this website is either full of *** or full of trolls. I hope it's the latter




F*&! those bums. Maybe if they didn't spend all their money on cigarettes and beer, they would have money for food.

Let them rot.


You know if they were not well off fincancially she should never have gotton pregnant in the first place. How hard is it to keep their pants on.

I wonder if they are even married. For all you know the man with her is not the father of the child.


Read this slow.

It Is Called BUSINESS!!!!!

If they can't afford to buy FOOD go to a homeless shelter.

Don't stink up a place of business with begging in front of people who can afford to PAY.


It has nothing to do with Arbys. Arbys is not the HOMELESS SHELTER!

It is a BUSINESS!!!!


Are you serious? I understand how you felt sorry for these people, but Arby's did the correct thing.

It is not difficult to get a job and anyone can find work even if its low paying(enough to eat). I have been a single mom with 3 children and homeless and carless. But I worked and my kids NEVER went hungry.

If Arby's or other fastfood places gave food away to those not providing for themselves, then they would be overrun with beggers and struggling just like our country and its welfare system. Not many are truly destitute, but seen to take advantage of others kindness.


Sorry Zachary to be harsh on you. I did not know that you are just nine years old until I read your wal-mart article.

I thought you were an adult that had experience on life. Anyways some people in this world don't have jobs that mean they can't earn money to buy food like your parents.

Infact there are even some children your age and younger whose parents can't provide the basic needs for them. Usually there are programs to help them out, but they have to want the help.



They obviously did not pay for the food because were obviously homeless and could not afford to pay for it. Isn't it obvious from the article that they were not financially well off.

If the could pay for their own food than they would not have had to beg for their food by offering to work for them to get a meal.

Using a little common sence helps you know. :x


There are legal aspects to this. A company cannot legally just let someone from the streets go in their establishment and work for them for food.

This company could be sued. The manager would be fired if he did this. They could do something to put the paying customers in jeopardy. There are food banks and soup kitchens for people like this.

There are also job services. Why couldn't they get a job? Even a pregnant woman could cashier or work a fast food place and be hired legally. They could go to their local welfare office and get food stamps, food vouchers for food if they don't have a stove or microwave to cook their own food.

and cash assistance.There are other options here. I definitely see Arby's point of view. They cannot just let anyone from the streets come in and work for them without hiring them legally. If they gave them free food, than whose to say it would stop there?

They would be back every minute trying to get free food and would bring their friends too. It would turn off paying customers. Who would want to bring their family to place to eat with homeless people their begging for food. Also, I knew here, in Pennyslvania they have a WIC program.

Any woman who is pregnant or has a child under the age of five and qualifies for the income requirement can get vouchers to use at grocery stores for free items for their nutritional needs, like milk, eggs, cereal,juice,cheese and baby formula and cereal.

They just have to be below a certain income level which they expanded since I have WIC for my child years ago. Many woman take advantage of WIC, it is a great program and I think most states have similar WIC programs.


Maybe they should have let them work for food, but they can't just hire anyone to work for them. I think they need to go through criminal records to see if they are not nutcases that would put rat poison in people's food.

Ofcourse the manager could supervise them but if they work for food soon everyone will want to.

If they are really not that well off they could get government assistance or something to give them food stamps, or something. When the baby is born I am sure CPS will help them by giving them money to feed it.

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