Rancho Cucamonga, California
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I have just visited a local Arby's and I paid $9.39 for ***. They messed up my order and I didn't even get my SMALL vanilla milkshake and the person at the register took one minute to give me 79 cents.

I am just flabbergasted. I WANT A *** REFUND!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Arbys Milkshake.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Hi, please try a cookie at your local Arby's today.

@Cookie Monster

I always see the cookies on display at Wendy's, and they always look delicious, but I never have ordered one before. They should have a promotion that you get a free cookie with any value meal purchase, so that all of the customers can know how delicious that they are. Personally, I could eat about a half a dozen of them in one sitting, and that's after I have indulged in 2 Homestyle chicken sandwiches and Biggie fries.


I worked for Arbys for 10 years 3 months....I was told this year I would get a whole 5 cent raise minimum wage is $8.31....I made $8.33 and closing that store was so hard....I closed 5 nights a week and was lucky to break the 30 hour threshold....But...it sure felt like I worked 40hrs....With child support I was only bringing in $240-$280 bi-weekly...I'll get in to the gross ways of serving dangerous product they had me do on this site and all forums I use if PC will let me but if all arbys are like the penny pinchers I worked for then I wouldn't reccomend working for or eating there...they can sponser the grammys and spend millions on super bowl commercials but they can't offer a 10 year vet a raise then whatever...football is a bigger scam than scientology and celebrities preach disgusting bull junk to our kids arbys can pay them but not their employees then I will not defame but expose them..PERIOD.......

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