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Arby's we have slop. is the title.

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Just imagine a car advertised that shows a particular model with certain features you like.

You go and buy the car and realize this car is not like the one shown, or talked about as far as features.

I will now present the fact Arbys shows food one way, and sells in effect slop.

You decide from the image. 2 minites after getting the food I open it eating in the restaurant.

And, took a candid picture of it as sold to me.

We need more images showing this.

By law we can request any food place make the food as presented in any images or ads they use to entice us with.

Or they can take actual pictures of the slop they sell to us and advertise with it instead.

February twentsix two thousand eighteen

This is a company wide issue.

Not one store.

Pull out those phones and take before images, then hit record on video and go ask for the food to be remade until it looks like the images they show. Maybe they will advertise the images of what they really serve, or serve what they show.

Let them know you are going to review it on youtube, and that includes the full experience.

Then show what they are really like.

Maybe we might get them to improve. And, if not more people will see the real deal instead of a fake imaage and false ads that claim they are what they are.

The nice image was taken from Arby's site today so you can see what my slop should have looked like

This in retail is bait and switch. Lead you in with features and deceptively attractive images and slop.

What does this show. They think the customers are pigs that will eat anything mindlessly.

Missing features here. Not what is shown.

Personal opinion only.

As I told Arbys I ask for nothing. No coupons no free meals.

Just make the food as you ahow it. Or advertise what you really make.

Stop misleading the public.

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Product or Service Mentioned: Arbys Nashville Hot Fish Sandwich.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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You have waaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy to much time on your hands.


Yes.Bait and switch on their Crispy Fish and the Nashville Hot Fish.Feb. 14, 2018 I purchased the Crispy Fish.

And I actually got what was advertised. It was VERY good. I mean VERY good in that I was recommending to it to others!Receipt says Classic Fish, but it was the Crispy Fish - square shape and different sauce.Went back on Friday and I was served the Classic Fish and the receipt said Classic Fish. Classic Fish is triangular in shape.Went to a different Arbys and ordered Crispy Fish.

I was served Classic Fish with the special sauce from the the Crispy Fish.Went back to 1st Arbys and I ordered Crispy Fish and got the Classic Fish.Went to a 3rd Arbys and ordered the Nashville Hot. Ha, let's see how they skirt this one: It was the Classic Fish with some kind of tingle hot spice on it.Ick. Yuck. WAS NOT WHAT THE PICTURE LOOKS LIKE.The sad part is the Classic Fish is/was VERY GOOD.

R&D came up with a good product.Marketing did a great job. Photos sell it.BUT THE RESTAURANTS ARE DROPPING THE BALL.NOBODY CARES.

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