5471 Fairmont Pkwy, Pasadena, TX 77505, USA
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5-30-18, 7:30ishP.M. Pasadena Texas.

Fairmont. store # 8532 .

Now I will tell about the first attempt. I drive up to the drive-thru and a fellow takes my order. He answers a couple of questions I had about how many cheese sticks are in a large or small order.

Ok, I say I need the large order. He has to ask me again what I ordered, I tell him. I get up to the window, and I pay, give him the coupon, and am handed my food. The guy is waiting for me to pull off, I still sit there and have to remind him about my drink.

He says" oh! ok! and turns around to get my drink. While he is turned around, a girl pokes her head out the drive-thru window and very rudely says "Are you waiting for something?" I am looking past her at the guy behind her making my drink, and I say" Why yes I am.

My drink". She turns around to the guy and grabs the drink and abruptly hands it to me, I almost spilled it because the lid was not on all the way. And she is still staring me down as if I am bothering her by coming to Arbys! I just keep waiting as I think she will realize I might want A straw, she finally SNAPPED to the fact and handed me a straw, and rudely shuts the window in my face, and does not say a word, no thank you, not have a good evening, not anything.

And remember all this is about the first visit to arbys before I came back and got treated *** for complaining. What a nightmare! When I went back after finding my order was incorrect(after I drove home). I drove up and re-ordered because I wanted new sandwiches(because they would be cold) because I had to come back for my cheese sticks.

The manager greeted me this time at the drive-thru and was no more mature, or professional than his workers. I told him everything that had happened at my first attempt at having "Arby's" for dinner. He was unphased and unconcerned. I also asked for a new drink as the one I purchased on the first try was now watered down.

He said he could "refill" so I poured the old one out so, GOD FORBID they would not have to lose profit on another cup... I also questioned him about the total "Receipt" of the 1st transaction, because I used a coupon. He assured me the total was correct with coupon applied. He tells me the price of large cheese sticks, ok, no problem.

I leave to go home and as I was driving back home, I pulled over to check my order. I was given the same sandwiches, reheated, bread was chewy, and the cheese stick order that was supposed to be a large order was, in fact, a small order( six instead of eight, with an S on the side of the container). Also, I told him if I was wearing that managers tag on my arbys uniform, I would be trying to make me, as a customer that had already had bad service the 1st visit, HAPPY, or compensate me for their mistake( I really think he should have offered me my money back) and I told him this, he looked at me like, yeah right!! and So I kept *** and he finally gave me a card, for a free meal, maybe half of what I had payed.

And was condescending, and acted as if he was doing me a favor. It is like this everytime I go to this location. Maybe I am the *** here, I do keep going back for this abuse. ALSO, coupon sandwiches had hardly any meat, and could not find much swiss cheese, as the sandwiches had been reheated, and cheese was hard and clumpy!

I order this sandwich without the coupon, and it is not this skimpy. Why even offer the coupon, what a RIP-OFF.

Arbys will be R.I.P. if they don't hire some responsible, and mature people to work for them...

Product or Service Mentioned: Arbys Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $14.

Preferred solution: fire, and rehire. If I was running that business I would start at the front of that bus, and work my way down, and fire those that do not represent or see the company's vision..

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