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To whom it may concern,

If it were just for the poor taste of the roast beef and the incorrect order of forgetting our chicken tenders, I would not be writing a complaint. However, this complaint is beyond those things. Our family spent $50 for dinner, family of 5, and when while we were eating, by the kitchen door, one of the employees held the door open and chatted with 3 of his guy friends about their plans for the evening. Their chat lasted the entire time of our dinner. My husband and I walked out with the baby and the kids followed however, they forgot to throw away their cups on the table and while we were driving away, the employee and his friends threw the cup of soda at my vehicle and yelled, "Clean up your ***!" Appalled obviously I went back and talked to the manager and explained an employee threw a cup at our Suburban and she acted uninterested and one of the other employees says it was one of the friends. I did not see the actual person, but they were all together staring at us thru the window before we were leaving giving us dirty looks, then as we drive off, the group threw the cup at our car, yelling at us, screaming what is your problem. I called the police, they came and he advised to contact the owner of the store and he was following up on his end. The officer said he wasn't convinced it wasn't one of the employees...neither am I. On a side note, while one of the guys was having his chat with his friends another female employee told the guy he needed to get back to work and make sandwiches. This is unacceptable behaviour and my children were pretty traumatized over the whole event. I am letting you know, because if this was my store, I would want to know. It not only involved us, but the rest of the customers that observed what was going on. An acknowledge to this email would be appreciated.

thank you,

Tammie Schenkel

Product or Service Mentioned: Arbys Manager.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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I would have gotten the license plate and called the police straight away. I wouldn't have even bothered with the store manager until after I had spoken with the police. You cannot legally throw things at a person or at a person's car.


@just saying...

Are you serious? If what this woman described is even partly true than she has my deepest apologies.

I work for an Arby's franchise and none of the behavior described here is acceptable.

To be treated that way, and attacked it traumatizing to children. And if it isn't to you, "just saying" than you have my apologies as well, because you must have lived a violent sad life.


You have no right to judge me or my life or decide what is acceptable. IN this day and age children witness some form of violence at the very least of 10-20 times a day either via, media and or household violence. I am not saying that anyone is violent, but I am just saying the death of Mufasa in the lion King was 100x more traumatic then a CUP being THROWN at a car, it would sound like a little *boop* against the car.

No what traumatized the kids is the parents freaking out and calling cops over a CUP.


If your kid's were traumatized by cups being thrown at cars, I would hate to see how your kids will react in the real world.

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