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I tried the lamb gyro. I almost choked to death it was so dry.

The sause was practically non existant. All 4 the same. Tried the new Pizza Slider. Awful.

The bread soft the meat cold only warm was the pizza sauce. The cheese wasnt melted. Tried to *** it an it jusr slid the sauce squished out. Horrible.

Nothing like what you see on the commercials.

Never ever will I try anything at Arbys again. Big thumbs down.

Product or Service Mentioned: Arbys Traditional Greek Gyro Sandwich.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Arbys Cons: Sandwich was not as expected, Poor taste.

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Interesting, quite surprised Arby’s is still selling lamb gyros at the time of this post considering it was a short lived “limited time” sandwich, around this time of month they should be selling pizza sliders and pork belly.

One thing I will agree with is the pizza sliders, with the immense quantity customers order of these sliders makes it extremely difficult to supply and demand while preserving quality, this is more likely due to the lack of labor these stores have. Further, I thank you for posting this review and hope it sheds some light for Arby’s to increase labor to better provide more for the customers.

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