If your company has boycotted Laura Ingram my family and I will no longer buy meals from you. Political bias

should not be part of the fast food industry. I live in

Idaho and many people here will be offended by what

you are doing. Hope you don't have to many stores in

middle America. Actually, we all like your food but your

stand is drawing a line in the sand. To let a young man

who is using a terrible shooting and a left wing agenda

to further his personal future is disgraceful. He doesn't

even have his facts right. Good by Arby!!!

Reason of review: Good quality.

Arbys Pros: Food and servise.

Arbys Cons: Political bias.

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They should run liberal ads in democrat country and Conservative ads in republican country. That way, everyone would be pleased.


Siding with an unemployed teen tyrant over hard working ($) Americans is business suicide


I will no longer eat at your stores! If you think picking a side in a political debate is what food service is all about than so be it.

But my business will go to another food business. I guess we know what you think of us red state people now!!!


Same here. You can not allow this person to continue to push this country around. Don't make us boycott you.


Yes thank you!!!! I agree 101%

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