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We live in a modern civilized society but yet Arby's finds it necessary to make fun of animals that are slaughtered for survival. The least Arby's can do is be respectful to the animal who gave their life for a meal, which by the way is unhealthy and makes people fat.

Does Arby's realize what kind of suffering these animals endure? The advertising team and upper management of Arby's are ill informed and appear to be uneducated, narrow minded and lacking ethics and morals. I know many people, and quite a few that eat meat, that are offended by these commercials and slogans that mock the source of food as well as the people that they serve. If people continue to eat at Arby's they are just as *** as the marketing team.

Nothing but a bunch of brain dead idiots. My entire family has boycotted Arby's.

Product or Service Mentioned: Arbys Commercial.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Thanks for the positive feedback on our commercial! We just saw your whole family eating at Arby's. They told us that they love coming to Arby's to get away from your psycho *** Make sure to get your pig slaughtering DVDs at your local Arby's!


I cannot believe the commercial that you have running on television..I am so offended by have no respect for animals...we like them on our buns wtf is wrong with you?? I plan on picketing all the arbys in my are disgusting

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