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My husband and I ate at Arby's in Mason City, Iowa on April 14th at 12:25. Store #1018.

We will NEVER eat at an Arby's again. This is our 2nd time of having bad experience at an Arby's. While placing our order we had to tell the person 3 times what we wanted, then while eating we had to see 2 of the workers (that were working in the eating area) try to do whatever they were spose to be doing. The male had his tongue hanging out all the time and the female did the trash right next to where we were seating eating, then she wiped down the trash box area (which was nice) but then she used the same rag to wipe off the tables.

Not very smart thing to do. Makes me wonder if our table that we ate at was done the same way. Plus the food wasn't very nice. My Phily wasn't all that warm, and only 5 onion rings for a medium order, and my husband had a Reuban which the juice was not taken out or off the *** so the bread was so wet he couldn't eat it.

We don't feel like we or anyone should have to eat in a place that has workers that watch out for the well being of their customers.

NO worker should be walking around with his tongue hanging out even if he does have DS nad the woman cleaning should be more careful on where and how she cleans. Funny thing is the whole time we were there, she nor him cleaned off the dirty table that needed to be cleaned off.

Product or Service Mentioned: Arbys Reuban Sandwich.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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First of all there is no juice from meat it's dry. And as far as the cleaning ya it should try to wait until the customers are not there but the place is always busy ,and the onion rings come in only 1 size and the amount you get is 5 it's the drink that comes in med or large .

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