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My family and I would regularly go to Arby's to treat ourselves to their turnovers, particularly their famous chocolate turnovers. Recently, we all went to Arby's to get turnovers to go for a celebration and the lady told us that the chocolate turnovers had been discontinued.

We were stunned and asked why--she told us because they added cookies to the menu.

Cookies that we can get at McDonalds or any gas station for that matter. Very upset with this change and will not be wasting my money or time going to Arby's anymore seeing how the chocolate turnover was our favorite thing to get there.

Product or Service Mentioned: Arbys Chocolate Turnover.

Reason of review: Changes .

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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QUOTE : " stunned " ? A little strong perhaps, yes ?

45 years ago the manager at the Kent State area Arby's would sell the fruit turnovers to us frozen and we'd bake 'em up in the regulation sized oven in the study lounge ...

hungry hippies from miles around would drift in on the vapors but never had the sense or wherewithal to do the same thing ... those were the best eating on campus.


Oh please get over it. Fast food restaurants change their menu all the time.

You can find a coupon for a FREE COOKIE from Arby's by using Google! YUM!!!!

@Cookie You

Does it include a chocolate turnover?

@Cookie You

*** you cookie lover


Trolls like cookies too and will often take them in lieu of a penny ; my guess is that you are poor and fat.

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