Graham, Texas

Went and ordered a number 4 and some peppers. Came up to the total, gave them a brand new 100$ bill just got from the bank he said he can't except it he didn't have a pen to see if its counterfeit.?

What kinda company doesn't have a "PEN" to mark cash money for their costumers. Y'all want to run a business but can't get a *** pen. Pathetic this was the Arby's on 19th street and the west loop.

Note this was one of the new 100$ bills supposed to be uncounterfietable. Basically get y'all's *** together if you can't get a pen theirs something wrong y'all lost my service for sure!!

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As a private company they do not have to take 100 or $50 bill. All you have to do is tell the cashier at the bank I would like 20s

Sara L

I can understand why you are so mad, the ability to pay with whatever payment method you choose, anywhere you want, is I belive, in the Constitution. :roll :roll

John N

What kind of *** would try to purchase an Arby's sandwich with a hundred dollar bill?

@John N

Probably the one that's buying a meal for a whole family retard

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