Port Richey, Florida
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We went to Arby's in Port Richey Florida and had an employee that was on break sit in a booth across from us. She took off both her shoes and sat sideways across the booth.

She crossed her legs so one foot was above the table top and started playing with her feet with one hand and her cell phone with the other. She also was touching her hair with the same hand she was playing with her foot with. We were called up to get our food and we asked to speak to a manager. A young blond girl came to the counter and we told her of our concern.

She blew it off and did not say anything to the employee!! We waited 15 minutes till we walked out and still the girl sat there without anything being said to her. She just let her sit there and continue this behavior. We were so grossed out we could not eat our food and threw it out and left.

Another couple walked out behind us and said they could not eat looking at her either. My husband told them he also spoke to the manager and the couple said I know I saw you and I can not believe a manager would let this continue.

The following day I called and issued a complaint and I did not even get an apology!! I was just told the complaint would be sent to corporate.

It there anything else? I said that is all that will happen and she stated yes I can't do anything else. I will not give you free food because there was nothing wrong with the food!!

If she had touched it or made it than maybe but since that did not happen your food was fine!! Will never eat here again since they do not value customers or care how the employees represent the company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Arbys Manager.

Reason of review: employees/management.

Monetary Loss: $18.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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thanks for letting us know! We eat there often, but we won't be back either!

Gross! And to think, the manager did nothing! if customers satisfaction mean that little to them, then I'll go elsewhere. It's bad enough the things you probably never see, but when it's out in the open where you're trying to eat but can't because an employee is grossing you out and management does nothing.

That's just ridiculous.

She manager is probably afraid the employee would sue them. Sounds like a lazy employee that could possible like a "free" ride.

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