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Any company that pokes jabs at another company, group, person, or situation has lost all of my respect.

Thank you for showing me your true colors so that I nor anyone I know will ever spend a dollar at any of your restaurants.

Talk about so much of what is wrong with the world -- promoting hatred and antagonizing others for no reason other than jealousy.

Get a life!

And if you haven't learned yet...karma is real, and your day will come ten fold. Best of luck to you when that time comes!

I hope the NFL will pay your debts when you can't anymore!

Preferred solution: Stop promoting hateful messages! There's enough of that in the world! We need peace, unity, and love! Not hate and division! .

  • Hateful
  • Disrespecting
  • Unhappy Experience
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What are you on about?


Hey you loser - Thanks for coming to Arby's! Let's see, with your friends, your family that hasn't blocked your calls, that leaves a total of 0 lost customers!

Arby's 1 *** Hippie 0.

And I hope your family that hates you can afford a good nursing home for you. Please come to Arby's soon for a CHICKENSANDWICH .

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