On June 3rd, 2011: I went into a local Arbys with a local Arbys coupon that stated 4 regular roast beef sandwiches for $5.00 (the 4 for 5 special) The lady (white older female) on duty was loud, rude and clearly stated we don't accept that kind of coupon, don't you know we are independently own?

I tried to explain this was a local Arbys coupon and she stated she didn't care and go some place else.

I was shock at her demeanor, filthy Arbys Brand clothing and her rudeness. I'm 56 years old and be a strong support of the Arbys brand since being a teenager dating back to 1968.

Hence forth I have stopped and will never visit that Arbys.

NOTE: Address in Arby's on Hall Rd, Macomb, MI 48044.

Bottom Line: Not worth going to!

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