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I got fired from Arbys about maybe a little over a month ago because one time I had asked to leave a little earlier so I wasn't late for my next job. I now get paid 13.50 per hour at my job in which i've had for over a year so that job at the time was more important to me because I liked it a lot more and because I got paid more.

I got the job at arbys as a second job in case I were to get layer off or something else were to happen at my other job. Arbys excuse to firing me was because I've asked to leave a bit early so I wasn't late for my other job and my boss said sure no problem and that had only happened once. A few days later he called me in to tell me i'm fired just for that reason even though it only happened once and even though he gave me permission to do so. You don't fire someone after having that type of encounter only once and giving them permission to do so.

It's also their fault for not listening to me when I asked more than once not to be scheduled around 2:30 on work days for my other job. Their supervisor's response was "well everyone at arbys said they were unaware of your autism, they never made fun of you, and you were never there." That is a completely foolish lie.

They had started making fun of me and talking badly about me behind my back once I told them about my form of autism and I was there every day a half hour before work time started. My plan now is in the future to come in, pretend to order their food, in which I never really liked, and then purposely slip on the wet floors, which they don't mop up, and then get hurt so that I can sue them!

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I was terminated in a very treacherous (double dealing) way. I don't think US Beef even knew as they sent me a Benefits email.

I am very disillusioned with the SM I formerly thought was so awesome. Post fact, I wondered what my rights were but no need to get in and fight for anything. The SM, after previously asking me to call her, basically hung up on me when I did then I had to chase her down. She even rewrote history about how long I was there.

Even Mick D's pays more than Arby's. That's the meat industry for you.

I prefer a vegetarian conscience. And a more cohesively integrified job enviornment.


If I was the owner of the store I would ban you from coming in. Now you should know if you slip and fall anywhere and attempt to sue you will have your post as a cloud over your head. I would never hire you as a employee!


I don't think admitting that you are going to purposely hurt yourself is good for your case. They will just find your review and use it against you. If anything sue for discrimination for being autistic and being fired for that.

Silverdale, Washington anonymous

Don't think it is fraud people do it all the time. At least he is putting himself in danger rather than an innocent child. There have been cases where parents made their own spills, asked their children to run into them and threatened to sue, or asked children to climb ladders, pushed them off and sue. Of course the cameras caught this and they were charged with child abuse. But what this person is doing is not fraud.


Apparently you have never been told that slip and fall accidents are extremely hard to prove. Too many people on purpose.

If you live in what is called a "right to work" state, an employer can fire a person without having a reason. There is more to this story than you are telling us. It's kind of funny, you didn't mention anything in your complaint about being autistic until your next to the last paragraph. If you actually did tell them about your autism, here is a piece of advise from somebody that used to work in a staffing service, unless you have an illness or condition that requires special work conditions, it is better to keep your mouth shut.

We had an awful time convincing some our clients not to tell the person interviewing them about all the problems. Problems like being bi-polar, but being OK as long as they take their medication, however, they don't always like to take the medication.

Needless to say these people didn't get hired, because if they were working and not on their medication you never knew what the person would do. That being said, IF did tell them about being autistic, I really doubt that they were talking about you.


great plan. one problem - you posted it on the internet you half-wit!

You are aware thats called fraud, right?

You don't think that during this 'sour-grapes' lawsuit, the corporate lawyers of the company you want to sue will find this and counter sue? Let us know how it works out for ya!

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