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As I was trying to unload my children from our vehicle a wave of marijuana cigarette smoke hit me so hard in my face that I had to wave it away. This man was wearing a black Arby's collared shirt with black slacks, possibly wearing sunglasses or glasses.

Silver sports car not sure of model or make.

Possibly Asian or Hispanic? Simply put it is never okay to do drugs in a public place or around your own job. The same man did eventually come inside (as we ate in dining room) and obviously was unaware of me watching, I witnessed him very quickly kiss another employee of yours and hand her something as she made her way outside. I am disgusted with this individual and would not suggest that he is a good influence for the community and the other employees

I'm aware of the way things work in fast food but I do know that my family and my friends will NOT spend our time and money to a company so careless.

This has made me question NUMEROUS behaviors that are more than likely being overlooked. The law will be called the next time. This is a warning to that man.

Integrity is doing the right thing when no one is looking. Grow up please &;;;;;;; don't come into my community with your drugs!!!!

wstraight to the men's restroom.

Preferred solution: Apology.

Arbys Cons: All.

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