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Went through drivethru at Arby’s in Rowlett, Tx. Ordered the smokehouse sandwich combo.

I had been shopping so when I got home and finally got to sit down and eat I was so disappointed and pissed from the first bit I tasted nothing but fat!!!! The sandwich was over 50% fat!!!! When I called to complain I got the run around. The girl that answered the phone studdered and made excuses when I asked for a manager said manager was in the bathroom.

So waited a few mins and called back.

I was not satisfied with her answers and I work in the restaurant business so I know the line of BS she gave me was just that BS! Sad !!

Product or Service Mentioned: Arbys Smokehouse Brisket Sandwich.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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What kind of answers were you expecting from someone who wasn't in the board room when the decision was made to use meat YOU feel is no good. You know full well a chain manager uses what they are sent.

You call to beat your chest and boost your sagging ego by brow beating this person. Don't like it, don't go back...

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