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i haven't had arby's in awhile so i decided to have it tonight and i am now throwing up and have horrible stomach ache which is basically food poisoning

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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On Tuesday night I ordered a chicken bacon sandwich and I noticed the sandwich was kinda cold, so I put it in the microwave for 30 sec. Few hours later I began to feel nauseated so I took some medicine but that didn’t help 12 hours later I began to have symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and severe body aches.

Visited the doctor and I was put on pedialyte and any sports drink. Arby’s will never get my business.


Got food poisoning from Hawaiian King Bread Fish sandwich from Arby's on Cooper in Arlington TX, 5 hours after eating had the worse stomach & back pain, sweating, and throwing up, thought I was going to have to go to hospital :(


Poisoned by roast beef Camden SC 3 days ago. NEVER AGAIN


Ate a roast beef sandwich and had diarrhea for the length of mass this morning; however, I was praying the whole time that I wouldn't die. Screw you Arby's.


This will be my second visit to the location in maudlin sc beside spinx. I gave Arby's another try thinking it was something else and again food poisoning


Happened to me at liberal, ks Arby's. They serve spoiled food unawares.

Ok let's call the CDC . Better yet let me check you records and check your equipment I bet i can shut you down with your own non compliance.

Test your employees for sanitary hygiene

So do you even have these zoo box's inspected. And try training the people you want to poison the public.

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