Lyndhurst, New Jersey
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I would like to complain about the Arby's Restaurant on Meadow Road in Rutherford, NJ closed. It is very disappointing because the food and staff was great.

The sandwiches were always fresh and tasty and prices reasonable. They had better foods then a lot of Arby's I had tried in past. I loved it because it was different then the regular hamburger joints. The Brisket was delicious so tasty as was the roast beef and Reuben 's.

I don't like Reuben's but I love this location's Reuben. To add injury to insult it was replaced by a Starbucks. I hate Starbuck's. Their coffee is expensive and horrid.

Hortons and Dunkin Donuts is my cup of coffee. Please open a location in this area.

It really is lousy not having Arby's near my town. I live in East Rutherford, NJ.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Serously need an Arbys in this part of NJ. I agree with other reviewers...

this place was great. To close it for a Starbucks is a freaking travesty. Now the closest Arbys is like an hour round trip while passing like 20 Starbucks along the way. Ridiculous.

How come all the Arbys are by Trenton? Get some up by Jersey City...

at least 1. ***.


I couldn't agree more. I'm very pist that 3 months into me living in this town they close that Arby's.

I would drive out of my way to go there since willowbrook closed the one there.

And then poof a *** Starbucks. Whoever wrote this post must be my twin, I hate Starbucks!


* on every street corner


I agree. Really sad, I used to go there all the time and now it's replaced by a Starbucks?

I can go to a Starbucks on there was only one Arby's in this area.

Beef and cheddar, curly fries and potato cakes were all to die for. Bring it back!


We need an Arby's in Clifton.

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