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Employees need to have respect. And not talk *** about customers who pay money to eat at their work place.

And I’m never stepping back in the door ever again or I’m not going through the drive through anymore.

I’m letting everyone I know not to come back because of all of the disrespect and the managers don’t give a *** I’m not spending my money on a place that doesn’t respect consumers and beyond you don’t talk *** about someone who is paying to eat at your work. I’m telling my hole family not to go back to Arby’s because of this.

Product or Service Mentioned: Arbys Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Agreed. When i was going into the locations.

They asked me what i wanted so i gave them the order. Everything was fine. I am always nice and pleasant person, until I'm treated like crap and pissed on. Until this, the employee was so mean and nasty talking behind the customers and the employee's backs.

Employee 1# "I hate my customers. I hate my employees." I overheard one of the other employees, "Let's mess up this order." I was thinking that were joking around or having an bad day. So i am letting it go, and taking it in. Then, i got my order, as soon as i was about open it and eat it, there was hair into my fries and meal.

I opened it too see what was sticking out.I asked too speak too the manager. While i was showing the fries and the meal too the manager. The manager was so shocked. Guess these employees don't know how too use gloves when they are making people's food.

And guess they don't care about their customers.

That was gross and disgusting! I am so done with Arby's.

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