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I'm done contacting them. It gets me nowhere.

What free food or better cooked after I've eaten slosh soaked in ranch dressing? No thank you! This isn't the only food chain meeting their end. I complain,return, call head quarters, & write reviews.

I just bought a Market Fresh Turkey Bacon Ranch Meal, no lettuce or tamato. I will take a picture of this mess. Its awful, drowning in ranch, bacon is rubber,turkey is dripping wet, bread soggy, and my onion was all in one place on a large sandwich. My potato cakes were perfectly crispy but cold, like sat for a very long time cold.

This is a $9.70 meal! I only order this meal; my first Market Fresh was amazing about 3 yrs ago and stayed that way for a couple years. Now for about a year it's pathetically made. No love in fast food chains these days.

I can't even trust the people working in them anymore because they have horrible customer service skills. And the employees who are nice are serving us slop with a smile! The employees with attitude are at least giving you a sign of what kind of food you're about to get! Why would I trust someone with such distain for their job and their customers to make me untainted food?

This Arby's doesn't even get customers anymore none of the fast food chains on Madison Ave between Thompson & Sothern get many customers anymore. Even Steak n Shake serves shakes that taste like the cook grabbed your cup and straw with his meat covered hands. It's so disgusting. But this is Arby's I'll deal with them here.

Im done here hopefully a real life person with skills running an Arby's will be sent to save this one. I'm learning too if there's no other customers... don't stop there! As for the full of misery employees that milk these restaurants for a pay check.

You're fired! ***

Product or Service Mentioned: Arbys Roast Turkey Ranch And Bacon Sandwich.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Stay out of Arby's. They will kill you with sodium.


It's been awhile since I made my complaint & there has been no change at my nearest Arby's. Indianapolis, Indiana 46227 on East St.

Sad to know that big fast food chains are being destroyed by the next generation. In my day you cared about your work quality no matter how bad your pay. No matter your distain for the job. It's not the customers fault these employees hate their job.

I don't control what they make hourly. Why bother even taking the job??


If you want to make a difference in their store. Complain to corporate.

Call the number and make a complaint. It’s the only way it will change

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