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I'm sick and tired of the Arby guy's voice! I haven't eaten at Arby's for years, because of it and I never will again, while that moron and his "authoritative" voice pollute my conscious!

My wife and I change the channel as soon as we realize it's an Arby's commercial. Chances are, it'll take years for us to realize they've gotten rid of him! When Arby's comes on ... it goes right off!

These commercials are one of the most annoying things on TV! If you really need me to keep writing, all I'll do is continue to tell you how repulsive Arby's spokesperson is and how it's been years since I've had Arby's and it will be years before I do, again!

It's not smart to *** off your loyal customer base!

Product or Service Mentioned: Arbys Commercial.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Ya that guy sucks


Couldn’t agree more. Beyond annoying


I, like so many other customers, HATE the arrogant Arby's spokesman's voice!(My voice is more authoritative and a LOT less annoying!)I haven't even considered eating at Arby's for as long as he's been on their commercials and NEVER will again, until he's gone!

@Ivegotta Name

I have to agree. Arby’s commercials are intolerable and i don’t eat there because of it. I know dozens who agree...

@Ivegotta Name


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